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Our backstory tells you everything you need to know about JDN Property Services Ltd. Humble beginnings that have led to the family-run, reliable business known and recommended by Wishaw, Glasgow, Edinburgh and beyond today.  

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Way back in the beginning…

Back in the early days Jon was at secondary school and had started thinking of his future career. He had a dream of becoming a plasterer. It was something different from what most other folk his age wanted to be. An opportunity arose to gain qualifications in the construction world whilst at secondary school on day and block release. This came with sacrifices, giving up your summer holidays and being late home every Monday. This was a big deal to a schoolboy. However, there was a promise of an apprenticeship at the end of it.


Jon worked hard for the two solid years to prove himself, and he learnt many skills, from roofing, plasterwork, plumbing and joinery, along the way.


It was now time for Jon to take up his role in the world, awaiting the letter he had been waiting for, his dream job to be a plasterer. Sadly, this never came. He wasn’t the only one. There were many disappointed people. This was all down to budgets and cutbacks.

Mold on the walls and baseboard trim in the basement of a home from water leaking


Jon continued to pursue his dream, chapping on every door possible. Finally, his break came, and he joined one of the bigger known preservation firms as an apprentice plasterer. His day-to-day jobs were different, dealing with all kinds of dampness, infestations, rot and decay within commercial and domestic properties, historic Scotland projects and even in some religious buildings, some of his most spectacular and memorable experiences, in his opinion.


Throughout this time, he picked up awards for his achievements at Trades House in Glasgow. Some of the awards included The British Gypsum award, The Lady MacDonald award, along with a few others. As time and his career progressed, he was promoted and went into the office as a surveyor, investigating and costing jobs for his fellow workmates. Sadly again, Jon felt the brunt of the recession and was made redundant.


Things then picked up and he managed to find work within the insurance repair sector for a short time, dealing with fire and flood damage and other aspects of house insurance repairs before moving on to venture back into the preservation industry to another two leading names. Unfortunately, there was another blow when management changed at his last company, things just weren’t the same and standards started to drop. Jon decided it wasn’t for him and left the company.



On the 7th of April 2015 we decided to launch JDN Property Services. Initially, our property maintenance company was established purely as a reliable source of income for Jon, but due to his hard work and determination, things quickly developed, and he was soon requested for work across the country and western isles. Since then, things have gone from strength to strength and we’ve established a portfolio of work in hospitals, police stations, offices, shopping centres, banks, vets and procurator fiscals’ offices.



As our client base has grown, the business has evolved, and although plaster work and preservation are at our core, we’ve more recently opened our facilities services division to support businesses in property maintenance and ensure their cogs keep turning.


We, as a family-run business, still strive to deliver the best we can. We have taken on employees and have serving apprenticeships, giving them the opportunities Jon did, providing tomorrow’s future tradespeople. In a few years’ time Jon’s children will also be coming into the business, just like Lewis - pictures above - who is now 10 and desperate to help his dad and fellow workmates to keep the legacy of JDN Property Services alive.


Looking back now, we’re sure that at the young age of 14, it was worth Jon giving up his summer holidays after all!

Valuing our customers is key to our business's success. We take pride in serving Scotland, breaking the mould on what it means to hire a tradesperson!

Making us your contractors means assurance that skill, knowledge and expertise will be a driving force for your project's success.  

Our 5* ratings across the web have one main theme; JDN Property Services Ltd is a family business that cares.  

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5 stars

"“JDN were friendly, helpful and punctual. I would definitely recommend them. Many thanks to Michelle for her help and patience. Thanks again for a good job"

- Agnes B, Google reviews

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Now you know more about us, let’s get to know you. Contact our office in Wishaw to discuss your requirements.

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